Working in Group

Posted: Mei 24, 2010 in Ilmiah, PMIUPM, Santai

When talking about group work, the common proverb that straight away pops up in my mind is ‘many hands make light work’. will find that working with your friends is more fruitful as there will be a sharing of various ideas and opinion. Things that you never thought before may be lashed out by the other group members who in turn, consolidate the whole discussion. But, wait..Things aren’t working out all the time. Don’t get shocked when sometime ‘too many cook spoil the broth’. Working in group does have the boon and the bane. It may be helpful when all group members work hand in hand and be responsible to the part that they are assigned to; but things will be messed up when they cannot cooperate with each other. It is even worse if there are sleeping partners who like to take advantage of other peoples’ hard work.

It is worth noting that working in group requires give and take whereby every group member plays their part to contribute something whether in the form of ideas, energy, money and so forth. Definitely it is unfair to give those who take their work for granted similar marks to those who take their work seriously. Therefore, there are a number of aspects should be taken into consideration if you wish to have good counterparts in your team. One of them is communication which is crucial in establishing a good rapport among group members. Obviously, different people have different whims and fancies which sometimes not meant to be in our favour. Hence, a clear instruction will ensure there won’t be any miscommunication in the group.

All in all, the group leader especially should play his or her part well to soothe and smooth the progression of the group. Well, human beings are fallible therefore there must be give and take as well as commitment to work as a team. Nevertheless, team work is the best resort to expose us with real lives outside which need us to adapt with people’s idiosyncrasies.-END

“Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai siapa yang berbunuh di jalanNya dalam keadaan berbaris seperti bangunan yang tersusun rapat”-As-Saff:4


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